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1 Is it nutritionally sound to feed sheep or cattle feed to deer?
2 Can the number of free-choice feeders and where they are placed on your property really affect the size of deer antlers?
3 How come Purina Mills doesn’t show guaranteed analysis on their AntlerMax® Deer Chow® feed tags the way many competitors do on theirs?
4 Will feeding deer corn in the fall and winter will help them grow bigger antlers next spring?
5 Does adding rice bran, corn, or other high energy grains provide better energy for deer in the fall and winter than AntlerMax Energy Technology?
6 Are the new AntlerMax Energy Technology breeder diets are only for deer in pens?
7 Do the new Deer Chow breeder diets only need to be fed during the fall and winter because this is when body condition is at its worst and the antlers aren’t growing then?
8 Does AntlerMax Energy Technology grow bigger antlers by making the pituitary gland larger?
9 What are the new Deer Chow breeder diets with AntlerMax Energy Technology?
10 Will AntlerMax Energy Technology make deer obese and possibly grow smaller antlers?
11 Can AntlerMax Energy Technology enhance deer reproductive success?
12 Does AntlerMax Energy Technology include a powerful probiotic formulation?
13 Is there ever a problem with AntlerMax Energy Technology that it can give the deer too much starch, possibly causing them to founder?
14 Can the AntlerMax Energy Technology really help deer grow bigger antlers?
15 Is it important to feed deer during the fall and winter even though the antlers aren’t growing then?
16 If supplemental deer feeds contain a good mineral package along with the protein and vitamins that deer need, why feed a straight mineral product such as AntlerMax Deer and Elk Trophy Mineral?
17 How come the deer don’t initially eat protein pellets as well as corn?
18 What is the difference between a complete feed and a supplemental feed?
19 Is the buck or the doe more important for passing on the genetics for big antlers?
20 If the velvet antler is 85% protein, why are minerals so important to antler quality?

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