Membership Benefits

Membership Eligibility

Any producer of agricultural products, including any lessor of land upon which products are produced.

There is an administrative fee of $50.00. $1.00 of the fee goes toward the $50.00 share of common stock.

Membership Advantages

• Each member is a part-owner of the Co-Op and receives patronage based upon their purchases and the Co-Op’s net profitability.
• Members are eligible to vote for directors, a change of By-Laws and any other matters that come before the membership.
• An annual summary statement of your expenditures is available to you.
• Price is the same with or without membership.

*Applications are available in the main office.

Credit Applications

Charge accounts are also available to members and non-members. There are many benefits to having a charge account:

• Personal and business accounts
• High volume discounts
• 30 Day net charge account
• Take 1% discount off monthly bill if paid in full by the 10th (If account is current.)
• Discount on gasoline at our SHELL station when using a Co-Op gas card.

*Applications are available in the main office.